Carrie Lavery

Behavior Interventionist, BCBA Candidate

Carrie joined the team at Play Works Children’s Therapies as a Behavior Interventionist and Candidate to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Arizona State University, and is currently working towards her MA in Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which she will complete in 2021. Carrie’s studies have focused on autism spectrum disorder, adolescent psychology, and child development. She has worked in education and curriculum development in the state of Oregon, and within the military. As a mother of two, Carrie is passionate about teaching children the necessary skills they can apply to independent living, and toward the creation of a better world rich with diversity, respect, and acceptance. For leisure Carrie enjoys riding her horse and playing in the outdoors with her family.

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