Shawn McDonnell

B.S, PMP, Operations Manager

Shawn McDonnell joined Play Works in July of 2019, taking a large personal and professional leap. His professional experiences include project and program management across industries including the University setting, Energy, and Aerospace.

In May of 2019, Shawn was traveling quite literally around the world for work. Play Works, had grown and was continuing to grow. With three children at home, we had a decision to make as our situation had become untenable and unsustainable. When we pulled the thread on my career, looking for what value could I add to a growing organization full of incredibly intelligent and well-intended professionals, we agreed that my experience working at the intersection of people and numbers over the last 20 years would benefit Play Works from an Operations perspective.

For all intents and purposes, the decision for Shawn to leave his position and join Play Works made itself. Play Works adds real value to the communities we are in, both with the services we provide and through our commitments and investments back into the community. Our strength is our team and our values.

If I am successful at Play Works, it will be because the therapists, administration team, and Sarah have what they need to keep growing as professionals, continue to find ways to improve the lives of the families and communities we work with.

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