Annie Murphy-Hagan

Annie Murphy-Hagan


Annie Murphy-Hagan is a bilingual doctor of occupational therapy. She earned her Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis in 2018. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and minored in Spanish at Santa Clara University. Known by children as “OT Annie”, Annie has a passion for helping children develop play skills and educating families. From 2011-2015, Annie worked at Head Start as a Bilingual Family Advocate and Teacher Assistant. She speaks Spanish fluently and has spent time abroad in Cuba and Guatemala.

Annie authored training on peer supervision practices in occupational therapy and has published articles on distance education technology and peer supervision in peer-review journals.

When not practicing occupational therapy, Annie enjoys biking and cooking with her husband, running with friends, nature drawing, and pretending to be a gastronome.

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