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Applied Behavior Analysis


ABA Therapy at Play Works

ABA is an evidence-based therapy that utilizes the science of learning and behavior to reinforce positive, helpful behaviors and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning. ABA is the gold standard of treatment for children on the autism spectrum.

Our ABA program is unique to the gorge, in that it includes an emphasis on communication, Natural Environment Training, incidental teaching, Discrete Trial Training, and an integrated-care approach that involves play at every opportunity. Our multi-disciplinary team works to address behaviors from all angles, and our facilities include a gym, class space, therapy rooms, and other features that help create a fun, functional, supportive, and engaging learning environment.

What we treat

Self-injurious behaviors (head banging, hand biting) Aggressive behaviors (scratching, hitting, kicking) Repetitive (stereotypic) behaviors (rocking, hand-flapping, ritualistic behavior) Property destruction Pica
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Applied Behavior Analysis

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