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Nutrition Services

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Nutrition Services

Pediatric Nutrition Services at Play Works Children’s Therapies provides nutritional care to infants, children and adolescents with a wide range of nutritional needs or issues.

Starting at birth and continuing through their teen years, children need specific nutrients at each stage to help them grow healthy and strong. Health habits established in childhood can last a lifetime. Did you know that the first 1000 days of a child’s life will set the stage for lifelong habits?

At Play Works, we recognize that children aren’t small adults. Our team provides children with comprehensive nutritional care that’s friendly, reassuring, accurate and age-appropriate.

Because children change so rapidly and many factors can affect their development, our care team values developing a comfortable, trusting relationship with parents and children.

What we treat

picky eaters failure to thrive weight loss or gain understanding hunger and satiety ARFID (avoidant and restrictive food intake disorder)
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What to expect

Initial Nutrition Assessment

An in depth assessment regarding your child’s medical history, growth, medications, supplements, and clinical status is obtained, along with a diet history and/or nutrient analysis.

Outpatient Nutrition Care

Weight management counseling with a pediatric registered dietitian is available for caregivers of children 5 years and older. Initial appointments are one hour long. The nutritional assessment and treatment plan will be shared with the patient's health care team/providers to allow this information to be integrated into their overall medical care.

Nutrition Follow up Appointments

Follow up appointments are generally one month from the initial visit and include counseling and client/parent education.

Patient and Family Education

Collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team to ensure that clients and families receive the information necessaryv

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